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Still In The UK

By | 30th August 2017

Not long before midnight we were waiting for a hotel shuttle at a seemingly deserted bus stop outside Gatwick airport. Although we were tired we could still read a printed bus timetable, but the bus that was supposed to come, never came. There was only one other traveller waiting with us and when he suggested… Read More »

Heading East

By | 26th August 2017

Soon Kim and I will be in Kefalonia. Landing on this Ionian island will mark the beginning of a year of being away from London, and mainly away from the UK, a 12 month period that will be punctuated with visits back home to see family, and by many other things of which I know… Read More »

Nearly Time To Go

By | 26th August 2017

Less than a week before our trip, the British Pound hit a new 8-year low against the Euro. The exchange rate was not exactly working in our favour, but it was also beyond our control. All other preparations we’d made for this trip had been relatively smooth and well-timed. Over the past year, we’d come… Read More »