Heading East

By | 26th August 2017

Picture of Greek islandSoon Kim and I will be in Kefalonia. Landing on this Ionian island will mark the beginning of a year of being away from London, and mainly away from the UK, a 12 month period that will be punctuated with visits back home to see family, and by many other things of which I know nothing yet. I have a list of what I think will happen, and these include yoga and swimming in Greece, mosque visiting in Istanbul, olive picking in Palestine. I have an idea of how these things will be so some of it feels known, while being actually unknown. The people Kim and I will meet, the journeys we will have, the sensations we will feel – these are anticipated but in are fact unknowable till the moment of them happening. And even then, if I am not alive to the moment, not awake to it, the moment will pass me by.

The idea for time away from London came from a mutual desire to rest a little, to be free of city life for a while and to open up some time to explore both inner and outer worlds, through travel, voluntary work, meditation; and through the space that is created when daily responsibilities and routines change.

Kim and I have travelled a little together already. I am aware that I have a sense of myself of having oftentimes been a solo traveller. The prospect of sharing decision-making and expected and unexpected experiences feels comforting and exciting, and also a little scary. I recognise it won’t always be easy, it won’t always be a bed of roses. But whatever we do and wherever we go together over the next year, it feels like we’ve made a choice to sit up and smell the roses, the coffee, the sea-blown salt air. I’m glad we’re doing this together. It feels risky and fun, challenging and grounding, light and solid. I hope I get to know myself better and get to know us better. I hope we will grow together and find creative ways to go forward in the world, offering the best of ourselves to each other and to those around us, contributing to the health and the wealth of our beautiful, fragile planet. – A planet which I’m privileged to see a little more of over the coming months, in the company of a beautiful man who is my good friend and loving companion.

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