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Monastery Of Ipapantis

By | 30th September 2017

One afternoon, while walking near the great rock Doupiani on the western side of Kastraki, we came across a drone. It was something we heard long before we saw it, humming away like an edge trimmer some distance away in the sky. The drone was piloted by a young German holding a phone-sized remote-control. He… Read More »


By | 27th September 2017

The huge rock pinnacles of Meteora barely look real when you first see them, as if they were painted as the backdrop for a fantasy-genre film set. Towering above the quiet village of Kastraki and the nearby town of Kalambaka, the cluster of huge rocks gradually change colour with the light throughout the day. At… Read More »

Destination: Meteora

By | 24th September 2017

Meteora is the name of a group of unusual rock formations in Central Greece and home to a number of Orthodox monasteries which have existed in various forms since the 14th century. I first heard about Meteora from Theo, a guy from Thessaloniki, when we were holidaying on Samothraki a year ago. He described monasteries… Read More »

Rustic Camping 101

By | 13th September 2017

Setting up camp in an established camping ground, frequented by other members of the general public, is always a bit of an art. First you have to find a good spot. For us, this meant putting our bags down and walking the length and breadth of the site, carefully inspecting all the free locations. To… Read More »

Blowing Away the Cobwebs

By | 11th September 2017

Today it feels like it’s blowing a headwind, tailwind, sidewind. There are gusts of 43 mph, the sea is choppy and the sky is overcast. The colours are muted: subdued blues, browns and greens. The horizon is disappearing in to a haze; it’s hard to distinguish between the sea, hills and sky. I’m sitting at… Read More »