Travel has the power to invigorate the senses, stimulate the mind, energise the body and provide a fresh vision of a world that can often seem mundane and beset with problems. There is the opportunity in travelling to experience different cultures and expand one’s view of the world in a way that cannot be done by remaining at home.

The authors of tale-wind are Clare and Kim. Although we have been on several trips together in the past, we decided that our future travels would have an online presence. We set up tale-wind in July 2017 to record our trip to Greece, Turkey, Israel and Palestine later in the year.

Profile image of ClareClare is an active and regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, both of which she has been doing for many years. In 2015 she went on a work retreat to Palestine and has returned twice since then to engage in volunteer work in support of the Palestinian cause. Before that she had travelled throughout Europe, the United States, South America, Australia, New Zealand and India. She enjoys writing poetry and creative content related to humanitarian endeavours, examples of which can be found on her blog.

Profile image of KimKim has been a Mathematics teacher in secondary schools for over ten years. He started teaching in Australia before moving to the UK two years ago to expand and enhance his teaching career. It was during his time in London that he met Clare. They have been on several trips together to Spain, Greece, Jerusalem and various parts of the UK.

Kim has always enjoyed hiking and wild camping and has been on many hikes in Australia as well as a recent solo hike through the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. For several years he was an active rock climber which he continued at a number of indoor climbing gyms in London. Kim is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction. He also likes writing and drawing and discovering new and interesting things about the world. His passion for research and his skill with technology has contributed in large part to the creation of this blog.