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Final Week in Ljubljana

By | 30th July 2018

After a week in the countryside I returned to Ljubljana to spend some time writing and to think about where I would travel next. I was considering Croatia, bordering Slovenia to the south. I thought it might be a good time to visit its Mediterranean beaches before the peak summer season started. My first two… Read More »

Apiculture in Slovenia

By | 23rd July 2018

‘Beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture’ – Old Slovenian saying. The first indication I had of the importance of bees in Slovenia was a sign advertising a small photography exhibition in the capital. Called ‘Bee in Ljubljana’ the exhibition featured the works of Slovenian photojournalist Luka Dakskobler. Printed on glossy A2-size paper in landscape format… Read More »

Lake Bohinj

By | 18th July 2018

Nothing seemed more necessary after returning from my hike to Mount Tosc, than reviving myself with a swim in Lake Bohinj. I borrowed one of the hostel’s bicycles and followed the road around the southern shore of the lake, all the way to the far western edge. As I crossed a bridge over the Savica… Read More »

Stara Fuzina and the Julian Alps

By | 15th July 2018

Stara Fuzina is a small alpine village only twenty minutes walk north-east of Lake Bohinj in Slovenia. Surrounded by green meadows and patches of forest, it sits at the base of a mountainous backdrop forming the edge of the Julian Alps. As I walked towards the village on a warm sunny day in early June,… Read More »

Postojna Caves and Lake Bled

By | 10th July 2018

Slovenia is best known for its unspoilt and picturesque natural landscape, and being a relatively small country, many of its sights are easily accessible day trips from the capital, Ljubljana. The world-renowned Postojna Cave is located to the south-west of the city, an hour away by bus. I planned to visit on one of the… Read More »

Ljubljana, Slovenia

By | 6th July 2018

A direct flight from Berlin to Ljubljana, if available, takes barely two hours. But for me, making a last minute booking, the only option was to fly via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. Although I was in the air for nearly five hours and had a three hour layover, the whole experience was surprisingly stress free.… Read More »

Cabin in the Woods

By | 4th June 2018

Shortly after Clare and I parted ways on the platform of Finchley Road station in London, I boarded a train to Luton Airport. Having a plane to catch helped distract me from thinking too much about the sadness I was feeling over our separation. The weather didn’t help to brighten the mood. It was the… Read More »

Final Days in the UK

By | 30th May 2018

After more than two years of travel and exploration in the UK and abroad, Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways. It was not an easy decision to make and came with all the sadness and grief of losing a loved one. We still cared for each other deeply, yet we had… Read More »

Reminiscing on British Landscapes

By | 22nd May 2018

My time in the UK is nearing the end and it means saying farewell to people and places that have contributed to a great deal of fond memories over the past two-and-a-half years. All of my previous posts have been about travels away from Britain, so I wanted this post to be about some of… Read More »

Art and Culture in Berlin – Part 2

By | 15th May 2018

Close to Potsdamer Platz and in the same cultural zone as Gemaldegalerie, is a large concert hall known as the Berliner Philharmonie. It is renowned as a venue not only for its architecture but its exceptional acoustics and the uninterrupted line of sight one gets from every seat. One evening on a whim, I attended… Read More »