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Cabin in the Woods

By | 4th June 2018

Shortly after Clare and I parted ways on the platform of Finchley Road station in London, I boarded a train to Luton Airport. Having a plane to catch helped distract me from thinking too much about the sadness I was feeling over our separation. The weather didn’t help to brighten the mood. It was the… Read More »

Art and Culture in Berlin – Part 2

By | 15th May 2018

Close to Potsdamer Platz and in the same cultural zone as Gemaldegalerie, is a large concert hall known as the Berliner Philharmonie. It is renowned as a venue not only for its architecture but its exceptional acoustics and the uninterrupted line of sight one gets from every seat. One evening on a whim, I attended… Read More »

Art and Culture in Berlin – Part 1

By | 14th May 2018

Berlin is a city recognised internationally as a global hub of culture and creative industry. It has an extensive and diverse range of art galleries, museums and centres for music and the performing arts. It is also home to a large number of film and television companies, media offices, architectural practices, design studios and fashion… Read More »

Potsdamer Platz

By | 11th May 2018

Often when visiting a new city I find it worthwhile and orientating to get some perspective on the city from a height. In Berlin, I headed to Kollhoff Tower, a 25-story office building located within the large public square and traffic intersection known as Potsdamer Platz. Getting to the tower involved a pleasant ride on… Read More »