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Swimming Wild

By | 18th November 2018

The other day I heard the writer Philip Hoare on the radio talking about the First World War poet Wilfred Owen. As well as discussing his fascination with Owen’s life and work, Hoare described a passion of his own. He described how, living on the UK’s south coast, he regularly goes swimming in the dark.… Read More »

Final Days in the UK

By | 30th May 2018

After more than two years of travel and exploration in the UK and abroad, Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways. It was not an easy decision to make and came with all the sadness and grief of losing a loved one. We still cared for each other deeply, yet we had… Read More »

Reminiscing on British Landscapes

By | 22nd May 2018

My time in the UK is nearing the end and it means saying farewell to people and places that have contributed to a great deal of fond memories over the past two-and-a-half years. All of my previous posts have been about travels away from Britain, so I wanted this post to be about some of… Read More »

Back Home Between Trips

By | 6th December 2017

While we were still in Egypt, friends and family in the UK were saying how beautiful the autumn colours were. It was hard to imagine the yellows, oranges and golden-browns from the pastel colours of the Sinai. And anyway, I thought the English autumn would be over by the time we got back. But this… Read More »