Itinerary: Greece – Turkey – Palestine

August 2017


  • Tuesday 29th – Train from London to Gatwick airport and taxi to Ibis Hotel Gatwick.
  • Wednesday 30th – Shuttle bus from Ibis Hotel to Gatwick Airport.

Kefalonia, Greece

  • Wednesday 30th – Norwegian flight from Gatwick to Kefalonia (3 hours, 20 mins).
  • Wednesday 30th – Taxi from Kefalonia airport to Camping Argostoli (10 km).
  • Wednesday 30th to Thursday 31st – Two nights camping in a tent at Camping Argostoli.

September 2017

Kefalonia, Greece

  • Friday 1st – taxi from Camping Argostoli to Vigla Village near Spartia (12 km).
  • Friday 1st to Thursday 7th – seven nights in an apartment at Vigla Village for the Yoga on a Shoestring retreat.
  • Friday 8th – taxi from Vigla Village to Camping Argostoli.
  • Friday 8th to Tuesday 12th – four nights camping in a tent at Camping Argostoli.
  • Sunday 10th – return ferry from Argostoli to Lixouri (20 mins each way).
  • Monday 11th – view Loggerhead sea turtles near the fishing boats in Argostoli.
  • Tuesday 12th – taxi from Camping Argostoli to KTEL Kefalonias bus station, Argostoli (3.9 km ~ 10 mins).
  • Tuesday 12th – bus from KTEL Kefalonia bus station, Argostoli to Camping Karavomilos Beach, Sami (26 km ~ 45 min)
  • Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th – three nights camping in a tent at Camping Karavomilos Beach.
  • Wednesday 13th – hike from Sami to Antisamos beach.
  • Friday 15th – ferry from Sami to Astakos on the Greek mainland with  Ionian Pelagos (2.5 hours).

Central Greece including Meteora

  • Friday 15th – hitched a ride from Astakos to Aitoliko (37 km ~ 45 mins).
  • Friday 15th – KTEL Aitoloakarnanias Bus from Aitoliko to Agrinio (28 km ~ 30 mins).
  • Friday 15th – taxi from bus station, Agrinio to Leto Boutique Hotel, Agrinio.
  • Friday 15th – one night in Leto Boutique Hotel, Agrinio.
  • Saturday 16th – taxi from Leto Boutique Hotel to bus station, Agrinio.
  • Saturday 16th – KTEL Ioannina bus from Agrinio to Ioannina (150 km ~ 3 hours).
  • Saturday 16th – KTEL Ioannina bus from Ioannina to Kalambaka (103 km ~ 2 hours).
  • Saturday 16th – taxi from bus station, Kalambaka to Kastraki.
  • Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th – one night in Ziogas Guest House, Kastraki.
  • Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd – six nights in San Giorgio Villa, Kastraki.
  • Sunday 17th to Friday 22nd – numerous walks around the rocky outcrops and forests of Meteora and several visits to monasteries.
  • Saturday 23rd – got a lift from San Giorgio Villa to Kalambaka bus station.
  • Saturday 23rd – KTEL Trikalon bus from Kalambaka to Triakala (27km ~ 40 min).
  • Saturday 23rd – KTEL Trikalon bus from Trikala to Thessaloniki (210 km ~ 2 hours, 40 min).

Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Saturday 23rd – public bus from KTEL bus station, Thessaloniki to Kamala bus stop, Thessaloniki (6.8 km ~ 40 min).
  • Saturday 23rd to Saturday 30th – seven nights in an Airbnb in Thessaloniki.
  • Sunday 24th – return boat trip from port of Thessaloniki to nearby Peraia and Nei Epivates beaches (50 mins each way ~ Thessaloniki waterbus)
  • Monday 25th to Tuesday 26th – two days volunteer work with Help Refugees at their warehouse in north-western Thessaloniki.
  • Saturday 30th – KTEL Evrou bus from Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli (312 km ~ 4 hours).
  • Saturday 30th to Sunday 1st October – one night in an Airbnb in Alexandroupoli.

October 2017

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Saturday 1st October – METRO bus from Alexandroupoli to Esenler Otogari bus station, Istanbul (296 km ~ 5.5 hours)
  • Saturday 1st – Istanbul Metro train from Otogar to Emniyet-Fatih (5 stops ~ 12 mins).
  • Saturday 1st – picked up by Airbnb hosts and driven to Airbnb apartment in Fatih, Istanbul.
  • Saturday 1st to Sunday 8th – seven nights in an Airbnb in the suburb of Fener in the Fatih district, Istanbul.
  • Friday 6th – Long Bosphorus cruise departing Eminönü, Istanbul and travelling to Anadolu Kavagi (near entrance to Black Sea) and then return (Company: Şehir Hatlari, duration: 6 hours).
  • Sunday 8th – Ride with Airbnb hosts to Emniyet-Fatih Metro station.
  • Sunday 8th – Metro train from Emniyet-Fatih to Kadiköy and bus to Istanbul S.Gokcen airport.

Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Sunday 8th October – Pegasus Airlines flight from Istanbul S.Gokcen to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (2 hours, 15 mins).
  • Sunday 8th – train from Ben Gurion airport to Hahagana train station, Tel Aviv.
  • Sunday 8th – bus from Hahagana train station to Airbnb in Jaffa.
  • Sunday 8th – Wednesday 11th – Three nights accommodation in Airbnb, Jaffa.

Being Peace Retreat, Palestine

  • Wednesday 11th October – driven by a friend from Airbnb Jaffa to departure house in Tel Aviv to meet up with other members of the Being Peace retreat (17 members in the group)
  • Wednesday 11th – group travels by minibus from house in Tel Aviv to village of Deir Istiya, West Bank.
  • Wednesday 11th – Friday 20th – group stays in an abandoned medical building in Deir Istiya (9 nights).
  • Friday 20th – group travels by minibus to Tel Aviv to join a larger group on a Breaking the Silence tour of the South Hebron hills.
  • Friday 20th – group leaves the Breaking the Silence tour before reaching Jerusalem and travels by minibus to the EcoME centre near Jericho, just north of the Dead Sea.
  • Friday 20th to Sunday 22 – group stays at EcoME centre (2 nights).
  • Sunday 22 – group travels by minibus from EcoME centre to Tel Aviv.

Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Sunday 22 October – public bus from Tel Aviv to Jaffa.
  • Sunday 22 – Tuesday 24 – stay in Airbnb in Jaffa (2 nights).
  • Tuesday 24 – Public city bus from Airbnb in Jaffa to Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv.
  • Tuesday 24 – Egged Cooperative Bus from Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv to Central Bus Station, Eilat (350 km, 5 hours, 10 mins)
  • Tuesday 24 – Public bus from Central Bus Station, Eilat to Taba Border Crossing (8.5 km, 30 mins).

Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

  • Tuesday 24 October – minibus taxi from Taba border crossing to Aquarium Camp, Bi’r Suwayr, Sinai Peninsual.
  • Tuesday 24 to Tuesday 31 – stay in beach hut at Aquarium Camp, Bi’r Suwayr (7 nights)
  • Saturday 28 – taxi to nearby town of Nuweibaa for a few hours (36 km, 30 mins each way).
  • Tuesday 31 – taxi from Aquarium Camp to Taba border crossing.

Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Tuesday 31 October – taxi from Taba border crossing to Central Bus Station, Eilat.
  • Tuesday 31 – Egged Cooperative Bus from Central Bus Station, Eilat to Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv.
  • Tuesday 31 – Public city bus from Central Bus Station , Tel Aviv to Airbnb in Jaffa.
  • Tuesday 31 October – Thursday 2 November – stay in Airbnb, Jaffa (2 nights).

November 2017

  • Thursday 2 November – public city bus from Jaffa to Hahagana Train Station.
  • Thursday 2 – train from Hahagana train station to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv.
  • Thursday 2 – EasyJet flight from Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv to Luton Airport, London.