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More Delights For The Senses

By | 15th October 2017

During several walking adventures into the Sultanahmet district, we would often pass the Hafiz Mustafa store, its display windows brimming with Turkish delight, baclava and various other pastries and sweets. It began operation as a bakery and confectionery in 1864 and on more than one occasion we stopped for some Turkish tea and baclava or… Read More »


By | 14th October 2017

One of the most striking things about Istanbul at the time of our visit was the abundance of cranes and scaffolding. Almost every ‘sight’ in the city was in the process of being renovated, obscuring some part of the exterior or interior with scaffolding. While it took something away from the overall beauty and symmetry… Read More »

Bosphorus Tour

By | 12th October 2017

The Bosphorus and the Black Sea have always had an air of mystery about them for me. Perhaps it developed reading books in the past about this narrow waterway separating two continents and at the same time providing a trade route between Russia and Eastern Europe in the north and the Mediterranean and Middle East… Read More »


By | 10th October 2017

The suburb where we stayed in Istanbul is called Fener. It’s a Byzantine and Ottoman era quarter, still with some old traditional wooden terrace houses, Greek churches and mosques. In recent years it has become increasingly gentrified with many of its narrow cobbled streets, particularly those closest to the water, now full of cafes, restaurants,… Read More »