Travel Gear


We both have memories of struggling with heavy bags at airports and on extended walks through foreign cities, searching for the evening’s accommodation. We remember opening luggage at the end of a trip and marvelling at just how much gear we’d taken, but not really used.

Packed travel luggageWe decided that on future trips, we would travel light, with minimum fuss. That meant being more thoughtful about the type and quantity of equipment we would take.

In the past I had always gravitated towards winter adventures, as well as those extending into autumn and spring, but rarely summer. I had plenty of cold-weather gear but not much that was suitable for travel during the warmer months. I began researching various clothing and footwear alternatives to find out which gear is most recommended for summer travel.

Using a combination of prior knowledge and research, I present what I hope will be useful to anyone contemplating their next travel adventure. I’ve organised the information into various categories which can be accessed from the menu on the right.


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